at first i was like what! and then i saw david jay doing it on his blog so....

i have been tagged, TWICE!!!!!

you may all thank miss colleen and miss jennifer for this.

• i wish i was a mermaid
• i can cook the best shark you have ever eaten.
• i have always been boy crazy, i guess that is why i have 3 boys.
• i like the right side of the bed.
• i played water polo in high school.
• i have best friends i talk to once a year.
• i think travel is the best education you can give someone.
• i hate chain letters with a passion.

thanks girls!

xoxo, marina


Liz said...

HA! Make that tagged three times. I tagged you a few days ago and forgot to comment to you about it! ;)

Elizabeth said...

My daughter desperatly wants to be a mermaid too. teehee.. nice to know some dreams never die. Loved all these factoids thanks for sharing

Heather said...

Four. I got you two days ago: http://www.clportraits.com/news/?p=97

Deanna said...

ha make it 5 times!

Marina said...

haha! you girls are nutz! i will do another post and 8 things for you all in a bit...

jennifer said...

i'm glad you played again... and you'll play again too! i've never eaten shark! but i've never been to hawaii either.