waikiki wedding

yes! my first rock n roll wedding!
many more to come i hope.
max and kathy were married at the pacific beach hotel in lovely waikiki. we had a lot of on-lookers as we did shoots in the lobby and out on the street. this was my first big city wedding and i had a blast using the urban elements mixed with the charm of waikiki.

xoxo, marina


kauai for a day

i met LA based photographer Jeff Seltzer on flickr. he was looking for someone to get shots of him with his family while on vacation here in hawaii. as a fellow photographer, i know how hard it is to get out from behind the camera and let someone else take the helm.

we planned for an afternoon session, so i had all morning to play with my family on kauai! we ventured out to lydgate park on the north east shore and the caves way up north.

xoxo, marina