777 wedding

one of the busiest days in the wedding industry. i lucked out with a sunrise ceremony on the beach.

congrats to emma and josh from brisbane, aus.

xoxo, marina


LA trip

the whole fam recently went to LA.
we had great fun visiting the dreamworks animation studio in burbank and the santa monica pier.


monday night

thanks to jason, rick, dave and sophia, the shins, tunji, maggie, claire, miko, kai, nick, thomas uy, rob, and everyone else that i got to spend the night out with!

i also spent about 20 minutes on the freeway courtesy of my hubby and his car that does in fact need gas.

xoxo, marina


getting blogged

not once, but twice.

thanks blu.

july photo contest. vote here.

don't worry, it was just apple juice.
xoxo, marina


a birthday present...

...from the star-bulletin!!!!

you can read it online here.

xoxo, marina


my saturday nights

sometimes this mama likes to get out of the house!

i was really lucky and got to get out and see some local bands this summer.

order of the white rose


upstanding youth

and here are a few shots of the national act that paid hawaii a visit:

national product

dropkick murphys

reel big fish

30 seconds to mars

xoxo, marina