gone live!

today i launch my new flash site!

music for the site is provided with permission from chandelle and chris murray . many thanks to them for providing some great tracks to help me showcase my work.

thanks to the SCPB girls and admins, my hubby, Bridget, Angela C., the blu domain crew, and my 3 rockin' kiddos.

xoxo, marina


Elizabeth said...

Oh Marina..the flash site is awesome.. and the imagary .. stunning

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

congrats on the beautiful new site! you really inspire me to get off my butt and do something creative- thanks photo mama! ;)

mamacita chilena said...

Marina, the site looks fantastic! And I loooooooooove the music that plays too. Congrats again :)

btw, I'm Kyle from Flickr (pinkhatphotography) in case you're confused!