afternoon at the park

after lots of rain and waiting for the sun to come out, we seized what was left of the day and walked to the park.

xoxo, marina


for the youth

in anticipation of all the babies being born this year, i booked a session with some good friends of mine. they gave birth to baby Adelaide (hooray for girls!!) and i got to meet her on day 12. i found myself falling in love with the tiny little newborn. she was so alert and proved to be my most cooperative model yet! it was almost like shooting still life, still wonderful fresh new life. it was so quiet and calm, unlike any photo shoot i had been on before.

at the other end of the photo shoot spectrum is my latest band session! baby Adelaide's daddy is the singer and guitar player for upstanding youth, a positive, high energy ska punk band. they needed some new shots to help promote an upcoming mainland tour. we met at the band's practice space/ bass players pad. i could tell that there was a lot of fun stuff happening here, every video game and dvd you could ever need, musical instruments, a big fish tank, two turtles, and a recording studio. i tried to capture the fun and ambition of the band in their own environment.

xoxo, marina


oh joy!

: last night my hubby took me out for a night with the cast of LOST!!! seven out the thirteen of the main actors donated their time to help support the honolulu theatre for youth. the actors did readings from next season's play line up. my favorite was "maui vs. hercules", an epic of how maui fished an island from the bottom of the sea and how he must prove how he did so to a man with super human strength. i can't wait to see the hawaiian and greek mythology mixed tale (with a big dose of local flavor and humor) in its entirety next season. the performances were followed by a meet & greet session with all 7 actors and food and drink. i was a bit star struck, but managed to get a shot of myself with all of the losties/others.

thanks jason!!!!

i have been waiting months to do a really fun maternity session. i love the overall joy and happiness expecting mothers (and daddies!) exude. a couple that i photographed about 3 month ago are in that blissful state of the beginnings of parenthood. we jumped in their vw bus on a clear sky blue morning, drove down to the beach (just minutes away from the LOST set), and had a blast.

xoxo, marina


our new year!

this year my family got another chance to explore the amazing continental island of australia. it wasn't your typical hotel and kangaroo expedition. we stayed in holiday/caravan parks and ventured out on our own almost every one of our eleven days of vacation. we flew on hawaiian air from honolulu to sydney on new years eve. we arrived just in time to enjoy the bridge fireworks from quay circle.

last year, we explored NSW including sydney, royal national park, blue mountains, and northern beaches. this year we hopped on another plane up to QLD. we flew to the gold coast for a couple days then we were on yet another plane to cairns. we drove up to port douglas a few too many times and then south to a park and a handful of waterfalls and gorges. we also visited the tourist trap in the mountains, kuranda. the rainforest is amazing up there, but it was a bit strange seeing a huge souvenir market in the middle of nowhere.

our favorite and most expensive adventure was our day trip out to the great barrier reef on an educational eco-tour.

xoxo, marina



marina from hawaii here. i am in love with my life and my family. i am a professional photojournalist and enjoy working with some of the best people on this planet.

i really love the excitement and high emotions that people share on their wedding day. the details inspire and the bride becomes my muse. intimacy is my key to get the right images that capture the heart and soul of the day.

about the images: i first met barry and jamie in high school. they were a cheerleader and a drummer, but now, by love and by law, they are one. the wedding was full of surprises including two chinese dragons, bubbles, a hawaiian prayer circle, and an exhilarating flamenco dance by the bride. it was a great pleasure working for them and sharing their special day with 300+ of their closest friends and family.

xoxo, marina