New blog

no, i haven't been MIA, just havent been able to log on via the mac book!

i went ahead and started another blog over on my domain using wordpress (it totally rocks and is great for the google rankings)!

please come visit me!


xoxo, marina


oceanside vows part 2

oceanside vows part 1

let me know how you all like this.

congrats to Tommy and Althea!

xoxo, marina


thanks blu!

new kicks from nike.com

new website from bludomain.com

xoxo, marina


gone live!

today i launch my new flash site!

music for the site is provided with permission from chandelle and chris murray . many thanks to them for providing some great tracks to help me showcase my work.

thanks to the SCPB girls and admins, my hubby, Bridget, Angela C., the blu domain crew, and my 3 rockin' kiddos.

xoxo, marina



at first i was like what! and then i saw david jay doing it on his blog so....

i have been tagged, TWICE!!!!!

you may all thank miss colleen and miss jennifer for this.

• i wish i was a mermaid
• i can cook the best shark you have ever eaten.
• i have always been boy crazy, i guess that is why i have 3 boys.
• i like the right side of the bed.
• i played water polo in high school.
• i have best friends i talk to once a year.
• i think travel is the best education you can give someone.
• i hate chain letters with a passion.

thanks girls!

xoxo, marina


i've been KISSed

that's right, i am now offering KISS albums as part of my wedding packages. they are so thick and rich, like a good piece of dark chocolate...

xoxo, marina


the crystal sessions


i have been teaming up with pro surfer and ambassador to all things eco-friendly Crystal Thornburg to create some incredible images for her bio. not only did i learn more about her passion for fresh herbs and rescuing her sweet meow, i also learned about photographing someone from the inside out. her sweet nature and humble soul inspired me to turn her into a surf goddess.

drool boys. drool.

xoxo, marina


good-bye to flickr!

some of you may have noticed that i pulled my whole flickr stream. some thoughtless people stole some personal photos of my children and posted them as their own.

a note from my husband:


GOOGLE.COM is allowing people to steal photos and impersonate children.

We asked them to stop, per their instructions on ORKUT.COM, and they have not.

photos of my young children are still being displayed on this site and it makes me sick.

Who else has been affected by this policy??

Please tell our story so other parents can try to put an end to unauthorized usage... it's theft!

thanks for reading.

xoxo, marina


woo hoo!

i won the monthly photo contest over at bludomain.com.

i got a $150 credit over at nike.com as a prize.
here is the stuff i ordered:

thanks to kailee at blu domain and all the people who voted for me! you rock.

xoxo, marina


in print.

thanks honolulu star bulletin!

i am curretly working on a new kick a$$ website. hope to go live the end of this month.

xoxo, marina


777 wedding

one of the busiest days in the wedding industry. i lucked out with a sunrise ceremony on the beach.

congrats to emma and josh from brisbane, aus.

xoxo, marina


LA trip

the whole fam recently went to LA.
we had great fun visiting the dreamworks animation studio in burbank and the santa monica pier.


monday night

thanks to jason, rick, dave and sophia, the shins, tunji, maggie, claire, miko, kai, nick, thomas uy, rob, and everyone else that i got to spend the night out with!

i also spent about 20 minutes on the freeway courtesy of my hubby and his car that does in fact need gas.

xoxo, marina


getting blogged

not once, but twice.

thanks blu.

july photo contest. vote here.

don't worry, it was just apple juice.
xoxo, marina


a birthday present...

...from the star-bulletin!!!!

you can read it online here.

xoxo, marina


my saturday nights

sometimes this mama likes to get out of the house!

i was really lucky and got to get out and see some local bands this summer.

order of the white rose


upstanding youth

and here are a few shots of the national act that paid hawaii a visit:

national product

dropkick murphys

reel big fish

30 seconds to mars

xoxo, marina


south shore wedding

Jeremy and Cassy are the same surfer hotties i photographed earlier this year.

i am busy now working on my new website and a whole new set of the UNDERGROUND.
hope you are having a great summer!
xoxo, marina


waikiki wedding

yes! my first rock n roll wedding!
many more to come i hope.
max and kathy were married at the pacific beach hotel in lovely waikiki. we had a lot of on-lookers as we did shoots in the lobby and out on the street. this was my first big city wedding and i had a blast using the urban elements mixed with the charm of waikiki.

xoxo, marina


kauai for a day

i met LA based photographer Jeff Seltzer on flickr. he was looking for someone to get shots of him with his family while on vacation here in hawaii. as a fellow photographer, i know how hard it is to get out from behind the camera and let someone else take the helm.

we planned for an afternoon session, so i had all morning to play with my family on kauai! we ventured out to lydgate park on the north east shore and the caves way up north.

xoxo, marina


rock n roll family

i thought my family was cool, but then i got to shoot, hands down, the coolest family in hawaii. the dad is a cop, mom is a punk rock chick, and the kids all have their own awesome personalities. this was my first rainy day photoshoot. i LOVE rain!

xoxo, marina