oceanside vows part 2

oceanside vows part 1

let me know how you all like this.

congrats to Tommy and Althea!

xoxo, marina


thanks blu!

new kicks from nike.com

new website from bludomain.com

xoxo, marina


gone live!

today i launch my new flash site!

music for the site is provided with permission from chandelle and chris murray . many thanks to them for providing some great tracks to help me showcase my work.

thanks to the SCPB girls and admins, my hubby, Bridget, Angela C., the blu domain crew, and my 3 rockin' kiddos.

xoxo, marina



at first i was like what! and then i saw david jay doing it on his blog so....

i have been tagged, TWICE!!!!!

you may all thank miss colleen and miss jennifer for this.

• i wish i was a mermaid
• i can cook the best shark you have ever eaten.
• i have always been boy crazy, i guess that is why i have 3 boys.
• i like the right side of the bed.
• i played water polo in high school.
• i have best friends i talk to once a year.
• i think travel is the best education you can give someone.
• i hate chain letters with a passion.

thanks girls!

xoxo, marina


i've been KISSed

that's right, i am now offering KISS albums as part of my wedding packages. they are so thick and rich, like a good piece of dark chocolate...

xoxo, marina


the crystal sessions


i have been teaming up with pro surfer and ambassador to all things eco-friendly Crystal Thornburg to create some incredible images for her bio. not only did i learn more about her passion for fresh herbs and rescuing her sweet meow, i also learned about photographing someone from the inside out. her sweet nature and humble soul inspired me to turn her into a surf goddess.

drool boys. drool.

xoxo, marina